Project Hope

Project Hope

School-Based Programs 

In this school-based grief support program for students ages 5-18, members of the Fox Valley Hands of Hope team collaborate with school staff to identify student loss-related needs and implement individual and/or group support. Grief-related needs may extend beyond death loss to other areas of grief, such as anticipatory grief, the loss a family member due to relocation, deportation or incarceration. Sessions are held within the school day on a weekly basis.

Benefits of school-based grief support

  • Accessibility within a familiar environment
  • Students are made aware of other peers experiencing loss-related needs
  • Normalization of the grief process through interactions with other students
  • This service provides an outlet for emotional needs which assists the student throughout their academic day
  • Collaboration between Fox Valley Hands of Hope’s bereavement team and school staff encourages a positive link between emotional and academic performance


Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact Jill Thorson, Child Bereavement Services Coordinator (phone: 630.232.2233, extension 225; e-mail:, to learn more about this program.